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  • Cross platform play
  • Six armies to chose from, midline invasion, and dueling
  • A pleasant, cohesive experience fit for the "Game of Kings"
  • Online multiplayer with competitive ranked matchmaking
  • Local couch multiplayer (OUYA only)
  • Beautiful and unique 2D and 3D piece sets for every army
  • Real-time play and asynchronous Correspondence play (Play by homing pigeon)


Designed by legendary game designer David Sirlin, Chess 2: The Sequel unifies all that is great about chess with aspects from modern game design while fixing problems in the classic that have long bothered grandmasters and beginners alike.

There are six armies to choose from, a new win-condition called midline invasion (in addition to checkmates), and a double-blind valuation mechanic called dueling.

Most Significant Press Mentions

Kotaku AU (Jeremy Ray)

  • "No Gimmicks Here - Chess 2 Is A Proper Sequel"
  • "it’s actually pretty damn good"
  • "now looking to be one of the best looking games on the OUYA"
  • "Chess 2 seems less like a marketing gimmick, and more like a bona fide sequel to one of our culture’s most celebrated games."
  • "Chess 2 is more like Chess than Chess. That’s a good sequel."

Eurogamer (Christian Donlan) -

  • "Chess 2 looks like a handsome game."
  • "Sirlin's work here is dazzling."
  • "Chess 2 is precision-honed but gleefully inventive."

Eurogamer (Jeffrey Matulef) -

  • "one of the more sensible free-to-play models out there"

Big Sushi (John Lindvay)

Polygon (Emily Gera)

Kotaku (Owen Good)

MTV Multiplayer (Matthew Hawkins)

  • "It might be Ouya's Killer App"

Indie Statik (Paul Hack)

  • "A splendid piece of work"
  • "Hands-down the best strategy game on the system"
  • "The visual design is gorgeous and shows a loving attention to detail"

Penny Arcade (Tycho)

Day of the OUYA

  • "Freaking amazing"
  • "Absolutely brilliant"


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Fact Sheet


Ludeme Games

Sirlin Games


Playable Demo

Review copies are available please contact me for details.


OUYA Runs at native 1080p. Released Jan 21st 2014 6am EST

Steam Releases August 19th 12:00pm PDT. Windows only (Mac TBA). Price: $25

iPad Details TBA


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