After downloading the .apk, these are the instructions Ouya provides for installation:

Side Loading OUYA APKs:

You'll need to download the android sdk from the following site. Partway down the page there is a section titled "Use an Existing IDE" http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html 

Download the file for Windows or Mac.

If you go to the following link, there is a step-by-step setup for either platform, along with a video walkthrough: https://github.com/ouya/docs/blob/master/setup.md

One tricky part during the setup is that you often need to enter "vi" before any ~/. commands that ask you to edit text profiles or ini's. In the video sometimes it looks like a 1 or "L".

Here's some info to use once that is all installed and you have your OUYA hooked up with a micro USB cable:

1. open Terminal/Command Prompt
2. use the "cd" command to navigate to the folder containing the apk
3. type "adb install FileName.apk" to install to the OUYA

Will take a while looking like it's not doing anything, then will either say Success or message an error. If you get an error it's usually not enough room, or file already exists, so just make sure to delete old builds and clear up space.


Please try to use the OUYA version if you can. This shoddy, makeshift PC port was thrown together at the last minute to accommodate people who are interested in Chess 2, but do not have an OUYA. There may be issues with graphics, usability, and some features (local 2 player 'Couch' play, and the store) are completely missing.


  1. From the dropbox link provided download all the files as a .zip archive. (On the dropbox page, click on the [...] button in the top left, then click on [Download as .zip]
  2. Unzip all files to a single directory
  3. Copy the license.xml file e-mailed to you to the same directory (next to Chess2Client.exe, not inside Chess2Client_Data)


  1. Open Chess2Client.exe
  2. Select a resolution. To match the resolution on the OUYA, use 1600x900
  3. Windowed is recommended, but not necessary insofar as you remember that [Esc] closes the game


  • You can exit the game at any time using [Esc]
  • Most things which used a controller have been replaced by the mouse. Eg: You can click on menu items to select them, or click on chess pieces and squares to move them.
  • In the few cases where there is not something obvious to click on, use the virtual controller on the bottom left. Eg: If a word comes out of the [O] section of the [OUYA] buttons, you can click on the word to do the thing.
  • To rotate the camera, use the arrow keys
  • You can resign any game in progress by hitting [Space] then confirming by clicking Resign on the virtual controller