Chess 2: The Sequel was designed by David Sirlin and crafted by Ludeme Games

The gameplay unifies all that is great about chess with aspects from modern game design while fixing problems in the original that have long frustrated grandmasters and amateurs alike.

Compared to chess, Chess 2 relies much less on memorized openings and more on positional play. There are fewer draws, and the asymmetric gameplay with multiple matchups keeps the game fresh and interesting from the very first move.


Gameplay Does chess even need a sequel?

There are thousands of variants to chess, but only one has claimed the title of sequel. Chess is the timeless classic. Is it even possible to improve on it?

I’m finished with the old chess because it’s all just a lot of book and memorization
— Bobby Fischer - Former Chess World Champion

There are now six armies to choose from., rather than just one. This means that there are twenty-one possible matchups. Long-time chess players and beginners alike will rejoice that this makes memorizing an opening book impractical - leaving more time to focus on positional and tactical play.

In its modern form [chess] will soon die a drawing death
— Emanuel Lasker - Former Chess World Champion

There is a new win condition (in addition to checkmates) for crossing the midline  with your king. This makes the game very aggressive and practically eliminates draws from the game.

Never play the board, always the man. You’ve gotta play the man *playing* the board. Play *me*. I’m your opponent, you have to beat *me*. Not the board, beat *me*.
— Vinnie - Character in "Searching for Bobby Fischer"

In Chess 2 there is a double-blind bidding mechanic called dueling that emphasizes adaptation and reading the opponent's tendencies.



  • Online play with ranked matchmaking
  • Beautiful HD graphics

Chess 2: The Sequel will be available first on OUYA end of 2013. You don't have to wait that long to get acquainted with the rules, however. They are available for free here at Sirlin Games. It's been designed so that it's possible to play with a normal chess set. Study now, crush your opponents online when the game launches.

You can follow the progress of the game on twitter @LudemeGames for updates and information about it's release.