The Correspondence Update

It's finally here...

The Correspondence Update has arrived

This massive update adds a few more reasons it's a better time than ever to play a few games of Chess 2: The Sequel.

Correspondence Mode

Otherwise known as "Playing via homing pigeon" you can now play an unlimited number of asynchronous games simultaneously. This is the best way to play against opponents at your skill level - even if you're not online at the same time.

Do you want to know what I really think about correspondence mode? I've started 50 games, so let's play.

Important to note - expect to start a few games, and then come back later to be matched against your opponents (especially on this first day). I'd recommend starting about 10 games and coming back in an hour. Don't worry though, there's plenty of other great games on the OUYA to check out while you are waiting. Maybe try Hide The Baby while you're waiting - It highlights some important world issues in a humorous way.

Better Graphics

Improved lighting and a resolution bump to full 1080p HD make this update even more crisp and beautiful.

New Ranking System

You can now earn titles in the new ranking system to show off to your opponents. Who will be the first to show off some Grandmaster flare?

There's a bunch of other stuff too, like 3rd party controller support, bugfixes, and more so check it out.

You can push it to your OUYA with this big orange button.