E-Book Givaway!

While developing and play testing Chess 2 over the past year I've been slowly amassing a list of strategies, tips, and proverbs which has evolved into a full e-book with more than 50 tips to help you improve your game and get ahead of the curve for release. Remember, you can play and practice now with a normal chess set if you download the rules

There's also some artwork in there that has not yet been revealed anywhere else.

For a limited time, we're giving it away for free. To claim your prize:

  1. Re-tweet the following message "RT #chess2 #givaway &follow @LudemeGames before Jul31 to get a strategy e-book with more than 50 tips for free!"
  2. Follow @LudemeGames so I can send you a direct message with the link.

The e-book comes with all future updates for free, but this offer will only be available until July 31st.